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The Ken & Mike Show

If you enjoy a good laugh, listening to great guests, having great discussions, and love coffee-then you'll love The Ken & Mike show!  These two have a way of making you feel like you're all sitting down in your living room and have a great discussion.  Therefore, if you love being part of discussions, and love to chime in form time to time, well guess what?!  Ken and Mike are LIVE every Tuesday at 6pm Eastern/Standard time!  So, come get in on the conversation, right here, on The Ken and Mike Show! 

Set Apart with KC

In a world full of misinformation and censorship of important information, KC digs deep to bring you the facts so that you can be well informed and no longer left in the dark.  Tune in to each episode as she will continue to fight on your behalf by shining light and truth in a world full of darkness and deception.  

Mic'd up with Mike Hanson

Irrationality has taken precedence in our society today. Why? Well, it may just be ignorance, OR, it may be pure apathy.  Whatever the case may be, Mike Hanson goes the distance in trying to bring rationale back into the hearts and minds of an 'irrational' society. Topics on this podcast include news and politics, sports, culture, Christianity, and everything in between.  

The Pac-man

Pac-Man—Covering news, politics, sports, culture, all from a Christian perspective. Ted Flint is a Staunch conservative who loves his country.  With years of experience as a talk-show host, voiceover artist, and dedicated man of God, Ted will surely give you a fresh, common sense perspective to what is happening in the world around us.

The Ken Burns Show

Creatively discussing life, the known and the unknown, and everything that comes with it—all with a touch of drama, sarcasm, and a few other "isms."  We'll dive into music, film, culture—you name it!  Even radio theater and some fictional elements will be heard on this show; therefore, tune in!

The Adrienne Ross Show

Adrienne is known for provoking thought, challenging ideologies, and, yes, hitting nerves. She brings that same spirit to The Adrienne Ross Show as she addresses topics such as politics, faith, freedom, family, sports, and more. A to Z, Adrienne is on it!