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Time to End the Charade

The PAC – Perspective by Ted Flint 5/1/24

The student protests sweeping the country are eerily reminiscent of the anti-Vietnam demonstrations that crippled the nation in 1968. As it was in 68’ Columbia University is at the center of the trouble. Then as now, campus radicals took over a building at Columbia and threatened to stay there until their “demands” were met. Now, as they did then, outside agitators are fomenting chaos and promoting violence in their quest to see Israel destroyed.

Students indeed have a First Amendment right to protest any perceived injustices. What they DON’T have a right to do is forcibly occupy buildings, break windows, and threaten other students, which is what has been happening at Columbia and dozens of other institutions of higher learning.

At least one of these anti-Israel protests being stoked by campus communists has turned violent. According to WorldNetDaily a violent mob attacked a Jewish girl at UCLA, leaving her battered and bloodied. LA Police were nowhere in sight.

Why are universities allowing these violent protests in which Jews are put in harm’s way? We know Christians are frequently targeted by the Left, but can you imagine the outcry if it were Muslims and not Jews who were in the crosshairs?

So, what is it that has these pampered prima donnas so exorcised? They want us to believe they are trying to draw attention to Israel’s clamp down on Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Interesting, they don’t have an issue with Hamas’ massacre of 12,000 Israelis on October 7. The unfurling of a Palestinian flag at Columbia’s Hamilton Hall is proof that they believe the attack was justified. And then there are the predictable chants: “From the river to the sea,” and “Palestine will be free,” and “Palestine will live forever.”

Why would Columbia’s honchos permit protesters to take down the America Flag and replace it with the Palestinian Flag? Do they think this move will mollify these radicals? It won’t. Nothing will.

In addition to Columbia, similar demonstrations have been orchestrated at formally prestigious Ivy League schools such as Penn, Harvard, and Cornell University. A Cornell professor said he found Hamas’ attacks “exhilarating.”

At their core, these demonstrations are anti-American, anti-capitalist and anti-freedom. Israel is the only democracy in that region. Truth be told (which doesn’t often happen in mainstream media reports) there are roughly 1.8 million Palestinians living peacefully in Israel. No neighboring countries want to import the Palestinians, not Syria, not Jordan, not Iran, not Saudi Arabia.

As for these campus radicals who claim to care so deeply about the plight of Palestinians, why didn’t they march and protest in February or March? This conflict didn’t just begin when the weather turned warmer. Most of these fools couldn’t find Palestine on a map; they probably can’t even find their own hometown on a map.

These demonstrations have gone on long enough. It is time they get put down, by any means necessary.

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