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A Time to Give Thanks - by Ted Flint

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

As we gather this week to give thanks for all the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, let us remember those who are mourning the loss of loved ones; the family and friends of the five innocent people killed when a hardened criminal plowed his vehicle into a crowded street full of parade watchers; the citizens of Kenosha, Wisconsin, who have had to endure another round of violence perpetrated by many of the same kinds of people who wreaked havoc on that city a year ago August 25.

There is a battle raging across America; it pits lovers of the Constitution and the personal liberty it guarantees, against those seeking to impose a communist tyranny on Americans. There has not been this dire a threat to our Republic since 1776. America’s enemies are emboldened by their election victories last year, and they mean to remake the nation as quickly as possible. On every front our nation is threatened, and not just at our southern border. And the threats are not just physical. Joe Biden has nominated for Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova, a former Soviet citizen who has written extensively on how the federal government should bankrupt the oil and natural gas industries in order to fight climate change and how Washington should abolish personal bank accounts and force every American to set up an account to which the feds would have access. More on Ms. Omarova in our next column.

Despite all the turmoil swirling about us, with Covid still dominating much of the national conversation, the vaccine and mask mandates, citizens battling their local school boards over what their children are being taught, rising prices for food, fuel and other necessities, America still shines as a beacon of freedom in a world dominated by governments who don’t afford those same freedoms to their citizens. The big difference: America has a Bill of Rights; freedoms that we believe are God-given. It is government’s responsibility to safeguard those freedoms. Even in Joe Biden’s America we still look to a brighter and more prosperous future. So let us give thanks this week and every week to a God Who loves each one of us and let us each draw closer to Him and pray that He heals our nation. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

by Ted Flint 11/23/21

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