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Equity Isn’t Fair by Ted Flint Feb. 10, 2023

On its face the premise seems self-evident: all Americans deserve an equal shot to pursue their dreams and go as far as their talents and determination take them. But that’s not the “equity” American Stalinists embedded in our educational system have in mind. They are not pursuing an equality of opportunity, which all Americans have, but rather an equality of results. The pursuit of equal outcomes has been tried in socialist-run countries for generations with predictable results. In America it’s a relatively new phenomenon. It’s the latest trend in public education: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. DEI is leaving many young victims in its wake.

A Virginia woman, Asra Nomani, only recently discovered her son received National Merit recognition in September of 2020. That coveted award is conferred to only elite students. Her son’s school, Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology, didn’t tell her of her son’s award, which he earned as the result of his high grades. You see, being a majority – Asian school steeped in the leftist ideology of attaining equal outcomes based on skin color not merit, Nomani’s son was denied what was rightfully his. As a result, he was unable to note his achievement on his college applications and seek the scholarships that often attend such an award. If that seems unfair, it’s because it is. It is an identity racism that punishes high achievers who happen to be the “wrong” color. Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin is vowing to introduce a bill to end such practices. Youngkin also pointed out Fairfax County taxpayers shelled out almost a half million dollars to fund equity training in schools. Virginia’s Attorney General is launching an investigation to see if these schools violated students’ civil rights.

Youngkin is not the only Republican lawmaker joining the fight. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called DEI programs “hostile to academic freedom.” Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has criticized Illinois for using federal funds to support DEI programs in elementary schools. Controlling young minds has been a goal of the Left for decades. We’re seeing the results of their indoctrination efforts through Critical Race Theory.

Of course, supporters of DEI deny any politicization exists, they claim the programs are intended to “level the playing field” in an increasingly diverse but systematically fractured society. The obvious question is who gets to “level the playing field?” According to Yahoo News DEI covers a broad spectrum of identities including race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, physical appearance, neurodivergence, socioeconomic status, language, education, and marital status. What do any of these categories have to do with academic achievement? This is CRT. The Left continually seeks to accentuate the differences in society, not to unify us in a common ideal, but rather to divide us.

Our nation’s public schools have become indoctrination centers in which left-wing teachers imbue our young people with a cultural Marxism which at its root is anti-American. And forcing taxpayers to bankroll the destruction of our educational system just adds insult to injury.

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