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Just One of the Girls? - by Ted Flint

There are certain immutable facts of life: most women detest pro football and men cannot have babies. It seems the second statement wouldn’t need clarification but today, anything is possible. Case in point, recently the Randolph Union High School in Vermont grabbed headlines after two female students complained about having to share a locker-room with a transgender female (a boy who identifies as a girl). One girl told the Daily Signal she felt uncomfortable while undressing in front of him and asked the 14-year-old transgender student to leave. He declined claiming “it was fine. “The second girl shared a similar story.

Asked why she took issue with the trans-identifying student entering the bathroom, the first female student incredulously answered, “it’s a dude.” “He was born a boy,” she said. “I don’t care if he’s on my team, he can join any team, I don’t care. But when I’m undressing and there’s a male in the girls’ locker room or in the bathroom with me, I feel very uncomfortable.”

The school has launched a harassment investigation – into the girls’ conduct! According to the report, when parents complained about the issue, they were told by school officials that “it was the law and there was nothing they (school officials) could do about it.”

The mother of one of the girls succinctly summed up the issue for the Daily Signal: “We allowed a child who is biologically the opposite sex, male, go in a locker room where biological girls were getting fully changed.” The trans-identifying child was not changing and sat in the back and watched girls getting changed. That made the girls feel uncomfortable, made the girls feel violated and not protected.”

The transgender movement transcends national boundaries. In the U.K., a family was ordered by a school to believe that boys can become girls and vice versa or be labelled “trans-phobic.” Nigel Rowe and his wife, Sally, weren’t having any of that. They sued the school and according to the Christian Legal Center, were paid $24,000 to cover their legal expenses. The government also promised to reform transgender polices for primary schools.

I think it safe to say that most parents have a live and let live attitude, but as the Lowes discovered it was either you “accept” the trans-ideology or you “leave” the school.

And that’s how parents can ultimately fight back: by taking their children out of government schools. They have become nothing more than indoctrination centers staffed by left-wing ideologues posing as educators. The Lowes ended up homeschooling their two sons.

There is an ideological war against conservatives and especially against conservative parents. For a school to label any student with an “inability to believe a transgender person is actually a ‘real’ female or male as trans-phobic,” is beyond the pale.

The LGBTQ community and its advocates have many allies throughout the legal system. During her Senate confirmation hearings, Ketanji Brown Jackson, presumably one of the nine most brilliant legal minds in the country, either couldn’t or wouldn’t define the term ‘woman’ when asked by Senator Marsha Blackburn.

How about an adult female human, or a person with two X chromosomes? Even those of us who don’t have a degree in biology and didn’t graduate Harvard Law, as did Jackson, could correctly answer that one. But Jackson was fearful of offending the Left-wing base of the Democrat Party.

But Americans have had enough and are finally fighting back. The stakes are high. There is a battle being waged for our civilization and Christians have a duty to fight to preserve what they know to be moral, right, and just. God made male and female and nothing in between.

A recent Facebook meme summed it up nicely. It contained a picture of Chuck Norris and underneath the caption: “I too was once a man trapped in a woman’s body – then I was born.”

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