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Restoring Meritocracy – by Ted Flint

Updated: Jan 11

I read newspapers and scan websites for a living. And I’m finding it nearly impossible to make it through a day without hearing or reading about “the first black woman” to do this or “the first black woman to do that.….” Let’s take a look at the records of four trailblazing women who have reached the pinnacle in their respective fields, you be the judge on how affective they’ve been in their positions.

Let’s begin with Claudine Gay, the first black woman ever to serve as the President of Harvard. Her brief tenure was further shortened by revelations that she failed to condemn obvious acts of anti-Semitism on Harvard’s campus. In addition to being a serial plagiarizer, Gay has had only a handful of papers published. No need to shed a tear for Ms. Gay, though, she still pulls down $879,000 a year at one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning. Predictably, Gay is blaming racial animus for her downfall.

Next we have Kamala Harris, a woman who got her start in politics by being the girlfriend of San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. Harris “worked” her way up through the system to become a prosecutor, a U.S. Senator and eventually checked all the right boxes to be selected Joe Biden’s Vice President. For someone with a law degree, Harris comes up with some interesting turns of phrase – word salads, as they’ve been described. Harris’ poll numbers are lower than a snake’s belly, 37 percent in one survey. She was the first one to exit the democratic primary in 2019, doing so without winning a single delegate.

Speaking of someone with a law degree, how about a woman presumably in possession of one of the nine brightest legal minds in the country, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. When asked at her confirmation hearing to define a woman, she either couldn’t or wouldn’t state the obvious: a woman is an adult female with two X chromosomes. Jackson’s reticence is no doubt due to her fear of offending the LGBTQ community for which the truth is evidently too much to bear.

And rounding out the Fantastic Four we have the nation’s first Black White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. If ever there was an affirmative action hire it is Jean-Pierre. She clearly does not have the wherewithal to adequately perform in such a high-profile position. There have been reports of a feud between Jean-Pierre and John Kirby, who Axios says, is gunning for Jean-Pierre’s job. KJP says she will serve as PS as long as Biden wants her there. Biden doesn’t have the guts to replace someone with KJP’s “credentials.”

This quartet is where they are thanks to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion movement sweeping the nation. For the Left’s culture warriors, it’s all about race, gender or sexual preference when selecting the right person for the job, not how well qualified an applicant is for a given position.

It’s not that these four are unintelligent, Jean-Pierre, Jackson and Gay are all Harvard graduates, Harris earned a BA from Howard University, and her Juris Doctorate from Cal. Hastings. It’s that they are unqualified for their jobs. They have all reached their “Peter Principle,” which refers to someone who in a corporate or government hierarchy, reaches one tier above their level of competence. If we want an effective government, we need to elect the right people who will select the best and brightest candidates to serve in whatever capacity they will serve. And those selections need to be based on merit, not on the color of one’s skin or their sexual preference.

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