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RFK Jr. has Democrats Scrambling by Ted Flint

How much do democrats fear Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy? The Party’s powerbrokers want him out of the race. During a hearing ironically convened to discuss censorship issues, House Democrats, led by Florida lawmaker Deborah Wasserman Schultz, put forward a motion to censor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. which would effectively remove him from the race. Of course, the motion failed.

But what has Kennedy said or done to earn such a rebuke?

As President Trump once said to defeated Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake concerning the “Trump Treatment” she was receiving from the major media: “Kari, don’t stop, that means you’re directly over the target.” The target in this case is the truth. The Left fears that if enough Americans become aware of how progressive policies are diminishing the country, they will reverse course.

Admittedly, RFK Jr. has non-conventional views on many issues, not just vaccines. His recent claim that the Coronavirus was bio-engineered to spare Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese, sent members of the Fourth Estate into a lather. The AP blurted: “Watchdog calls for House committee to uninvite RFK Jr. after his comments are blasted as antisemitic. “The Business Insider asked: “Who is RFK Jr.? Meet the controversial conspiracy theorist running against Joe Biden in the Democratic primaries. “The Hill: “Ex-Rep Joe Kennedy blasts RFK Jr over ‘hurtful and wrong’ remarks.” Kennedy Clan Comes Out Against RFK Jr.’s Latest Outrage” informs the Daily Beast.

And finally, these two gems from People: “Kerry Kennedy Tears into Brother RFK Jr.’s ‘Deplorable’ Remarks About COVID-19 Sparing Jews and Chinese People.” Not to be outdone, Jack Schlossberg, JFK’s Grandson, Slams Cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: ‘An Embarrassment.’ Even members of the Kennedy clan cannot abide RFK’s aspirations for higher office. For those too young to remember Camelot and its legacy, a scion of such an iconic family seeking the presidency is significant. The Kennedys dominated the American political scene for much of the 20th Century.

Kennedy recently confided to Fox News that he believes the mainstream corporate media has been tougher on him than it has on the 45th President: “It’s interesting to me because I’ve been really slammed in a way that I think is unprecedented, even more than President Trump.”

What makes the media feeding frenzy especially puzzling is that Kennedy is, in every sense, a liberal. During the 2016 campaign he said he admired both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. But what separates Kennedy from his fellow liberals is his support for capitalism and the free markets and his opposition to senseless wars. On these issues, he is more aligned with President Trump.

An environmental advocate, and attorney, Kennedy says he favors a market-based approach in reducing carbon emissions. He says rather than Washington enacting top-down dictates as many progressives propose, levying carbon taxes and eliminating subsidies would better reward efficiency.

Imagine, a Kennedy, part of family once considered the closest thing to royalty in America is under attack by fellow democrats for being anti-Semitic and divisive. RFK Jr. says one of his goals is to end the divisiveness which is tearing apart our nation. Last week he pointed out to congressional democrats that his uncle Ted had more bills with his name on them than any senator in U.S. history, a testament to bipartisanship and being able to work across the aisle.

Some have whispered about a possible Trump-Kennedy ticket, even though both men belong to different parties and are light years apart on substantive issues, it is an interesting pairing. Should it happen, and Trump wins in 2024, JFK Jr. would be in position to top the ticket in 2028. Although, he would have to decide on party affiliation. Kennedy admitted in June that he is “proud that President Trump likes me.”

Imagine, six decades after his uncle and father led this nation through a tumultuous period in our history, America could once again be in a position to have a Kennedy in the White House.

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