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The Assault of a Former President Continues – The PAC Perspective by Ted Flint 8/13/22

“No one is above the law,” Nancy Pelosi reminds us. Was the House Speaker talking about Hillary Clinton sending and receiving tens of thousands of emails on a private server? Maybe she was referring to the numerous federal crimes of which Hunter Biden has been accused; Could it be she was reminding Americans of one of the more egregious violations of the Presidential Records Act when former Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger swiped classified documents, crammed them into his socks, and then snuck them out of a secure location? None of these people had their homes raided by the FBI. Donald Trump stands alone among former Presidents in many ways, now we can add one more reason: The FBI, in its 114-year history has never raided the home of a former president. In fact, not one of the other 45 Commanders-In Chief who’ve led this nation has received this kind of treatment: having his home ransacked, his safe opened, his wife’s closet gone through (imagine the media outcry if that were done to Michelle Obama?), all in the name of locating documents that he, as President, could have declassified. Mr. Trump has said he believes the agents could have planted phony evidence, possibly linking him to January 6. They could be searching for back taxes, something, anything, that would derail his chances of regaining the Oval Office. Make no mistake, that’s what this is all about; it’s a political hit job, another attempt by Deep Staters who fear Trump because he tells the truth. THAT’S why millions of Americans love him and are loyal to him and will vote for him again if he decides to run in two years. Attorney General Merrick Garland finally admitted to authorizing the raid. However, true to form, Garland refused to disclose details of the warrant or the justification behind the raid. President Biden denies any knowledge of it, which is no surprise considering his declining cognitive abilities. But he is the President; he controls the nation’s security apparatus (a frightening thought), the buck ultimately stops with him.

Does the Administration think Americans are gullible enough to trust the same corrupt FBI and DOJ that cooked up the Russian Collusion Hoax? The weaponization of the government against political opponents and its citizens is something that happens in communist countries – not in America. Our nation is entering a dark period. We must not permit this Regime to think it can trample on the constitutional rights of its citizens, especially those of a former president. Famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz has said the feds used the search warrant to circumvent Trump’s Fifth Amendment rights.

What happened Monday was an attack on our nation, the latest salvo in the war openly declared on conservatives. The FBI has taken a shot across the bow of liberty. As Trump has always said, "In reality they're not after me, they're after you. I'm just in the way."

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