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The Democrats’ Dereliction of Duty – The PAC-Perspective by Ted Flint 4/1/22

The evidence mounting against Hunter Biden can no longer be overlooked or explained away as nothing more than a Russian dis-information campaign. Senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson are compiling more possibly damning proof of wrongdoing from Biden’s overseas business dealings in China, Ukraine and other countries. Then of course, there’s the now infamous laptop. The New York Post reported in October 2020 that the laptop’s hard drive contained emails, text messages, compromising photos and financial documents connecting his family and business associates, and also how the younger Biden used his political clout in his overseas business dealings. The media has known about this for over two years, but chose to look the other way over fears the issue would propel Donald Trump to another term in the White House.

At the very least, Biden the Younger may finally have to answer for his tax issues. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that prosecutors from the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware have been seeking information and grand jury testimony about how Biden used the money from his position at Burisma Holdings to pay off some of his debts. Biden allegedly told an associate his tax burden was over $1 million. His laptop and tax liability may not be the only hurdles Biden has to clear; investigators will also be looking into his lobbying practices. Fox News has reported that Hunter often used third parties when lobbying, which may have buffered him against any charges. Investigators are also trying to determine if President Biden may have financially benefited from his son’s grift.

We’ll see if the feds seek to uncover Biden’s alleged wrongdoings with the same ardor they pursued the phony case against President Trump. In Washington, there is a two-tiered justice system: one for the politically connected and one for average citizens.

Hochul’s Buffalo Millions

In state news, the April 1 budget deadline has come and gone and the April Fools in Albany have yet to adopt the state’s spending plan for the current fiscal year. Governor Kathy Hochul has thrown a wrench into negotiations in the eleventh hour by asking lawmakers to green-light a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. According to documents released this week, state taxpayers will have to pony-up $600 million for the Orchard Park Stadium, while Erie County will be on the hook for $250 million. Once long-term maintenance costs are factored in, the final price tag will be roughly $1.4 billion. Hochul served one term as an Erie County Congresswoman. Let the speculations begin.

Republicans have been urging an overhaul of the state’s bail laws in light of increasing crime rates across the state. Hochul is also proposing some minor tweaks to the law by returning some discretion to judges, something her fellow democrats have opposed. Democrats and their media allies can no longer point to republican intransience for the lack of an on-time budget. When George Pataki was in the Governor’s Mansion and Joe Bruno led the Senate, it was common practice for local media to blame the G.O.P. for any impasse. But now Democrats control all the levers of power, so where’s the outcry from the usual suspects about how the state is failing in its most basic responsibility to adopt a spending plan by April 1? Crickets. As if New Yorkers need further proof that Democrats are incompetent, corrupt and bereft of any moral compass. The political establishment in Albany is failing the very people they are sworn to serve.

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