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The Harassment of a Former President Continues – Part Two by Ted Flint 9/24/22

The latest sham lawsuit against former President Donald Trump may be the most laughable one yet. In announcing her findings, New York State Attorney General Letitia James assured us that “no one is above the law” (unless the offender is a democrat) then she proceeded to list off Trump’s alleged transgressions, which include lying to lenders to receive better loan terms and inflating his net worth. Even if true, how is this harmful to the public? As if threatening a former president with jail time isn’t egregious enough, the lawsuit also names three of Trump’s children of ‘staggering’ fraud. What is “staggering” is how the top law enforcement official in the state would seek to weaponize such a powerful office for political purposes.

The three-year investigation spearheaded by James’ office alleges Trump provided fraudulent statements of his net worth and false asset valuations to obtain and satisfy loans, get insurance benefits, and pay lower taxes. Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric were also named as defendants.

These allegations have one purpose and one purpose only: to further injure Trump and to make it all but impossible for him to regain the White House. A recent headline in The Guardian clearly reveals this: “I’m Not Sure He’s Going to Escape Jail: Could Trump’s legal woes prevent a 2024 Run? To say the case against Trump is flimsy would be an over-statement. It’s just the latest political hit job against a president who has been relentlessly maligned and degraded because he dared to put America first.

The Guardian piece cites “political analysts and legal experts” but doesn’t specifically name any who claim Trump’s legal woes could keep him from a second term in the Oval Office. And just why are so many powerful people fearful of a second Trump Administration? One of Mr. Trump’s many successes during his four years in Washington was to reveal to the American people the seedier side of government; he exposed the Swamp in all its inglorious machinations. I raised chickens for 25 years and when I turned on the lights in the hen house at night to collect eggs, the rats would scatter to their holes. Trump has turned on the lights.

Yet despite all the negative press, the public’s views of Number 45 have remained largely unchanged. According to the most recent NY Times/Siena College poll taken after news of the FBI raid of the ex-President’s Palm Beach home for allegedly mishandling classified documents, 44 percent of voters viewed Trump favorably, 53 percent unfavorably. A similar Times/Siena survey in July yielded almost identical numbers amid televised hearings on the January 6 raid on the Capitol.

Kari Lake, Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate, recently told the CPAC crowd in Dallas, Texas that she called Trump and told him she’s been receiving the ‘Trump Treatment,” the constant barrage of attacks from the political Left and their cronies in what’s left of the mainstream media. Lake informed her supporters the former President encouraged her to keep up the fight: “Kari, don’t stop, that means you’re directly over the target.”

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