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The Insurrection Hoax Part 2 - The PAC-Perspective by Ted Flint 1/13/21

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has long since worn out her welcome. “San Fran Nan” has been a member of the House of Representatives for 35 years, and is in her second stint as Speaker. During her tenure she rubber-stamped much of Obama’s socialist agenda, including ramming through Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank bill to Reform Wall Street and the 800 billion dollar stimulus package. But the ham-handed way in which she has appointed representatives to the select committee investigating the January 6th riots at the Capitol is beyond dictatorial and is an abrogation of all precedent. Normally, members are selected by the Speaker and by the Minority Leader. But Pelosi couldn’t abide Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s selections because she viewed them as too supportive of Donald Trump. So, she has appointed all of the members. Of course, Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger pass the smell test as they are both never-Trumpers. The notion of a “select committee “comprised of members cherry-picked by one person is something done by authoritarian regimes in communist countries, not in America, which has always prided itself on a sense of fair play and individual freedom.

As former Congressman Jim DeMitt recently wrote in “The anti-Trump select committee subpoenas former Trump officials requiring them to appear in front of their media circus and demanding they break presidential executive privilege before the question is settled in court…..If these officials fail to defy decades of precedent, defy court proceedings and concede to this public humiliation, the committee recommends the House vote to hold them in contempt of Congress.” The process is rigged. The Democrats are joining forces with their accomplices in the Justice Department (the same Department that refused to act when Obama A.G. Eric Holder was held in contempt for ignoring a congressional subpoena for his role in the Fast and Furious scandal). One could envision House Democrats seeking indictments against Trump loyalists and having them hauled before a court. This could result in jail time for these officials even though they’ve committed no crime.

As of this writing eleven people have been charged with seditious conspiracy for their roles in the attack at the Capitol. Hyperbolic statements by Pelosi, President Biden, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer and others on how President Trump helped to foment the uprising and that fringe elements that support him are a “threat to our democracy, “do nothing to heal the nation’s wounds. Biden ran on a platform of unifying the nation. Not only has he failed in that endeavor, his policies have further divided us.

Democrats are the REAL insurrectionists. They are ceaselessly working to undermine the Constitution, the rule of law and the institutions that make this country great. Make no mistake; this little fiasco is about wounding Trump enough to keep him from running again for President. Tying Mr. Trump to the January 6 riots and keeping it in the news cycle until next year’s midterms is all they have. They have no solutions to rising inflation and higher prices for gasoline, food and other commodities, which has resulted in a lower standard of living for millions of U.S. citizens. There is no platform for improving the lives of Americans. That is not government’s responsibility anyway, it is ours.

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