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The Maskers are Covering Their True Intentions – The PAC-Perspective by Ted Flint 2/11/22

Now that New York Governor Kathy Hochul has dropped the mask requirements for private establishments, such as gyms, bars, restaurants, etc. while keeping them for schools, New Yorkers should not be lulled into a false sense of security. That was the message this week from the Vice President of the Locust Valley Board of Education on Long Island. During the conclusion of the BOE’s monthly meeting, Margaret Marchand laid out what she claims is the State’s long-term goal regarding face-coverings.

Marchand said The Public Health Council was to meet this past Thursday to accept full mask covering regulation in an “emergency capacity.” The emergency process begins, explained Marchand, so that Governor Hochul can again extend the deadline in order to get closer to the date of the Department of Health’s permanent regulation acceptance meeting. Just when that meeting is to take place, Marchand did not say, and attempts to reach her and the entire Board by email were unsuccessful.

Marchand warned those in attendance to not fall for Hochul’s “bait and switch” and to keep pressure on the State Department of Health. Which is all concerned New Yorkers can do at this point, as well as to contact your local Senator and Assemblyman. Speaking of state lawmakers, Marchand says they have yet to hear anything from their local Assemblymen, Charles Lavine, a Democrat, and Michael Montesano, a Republican.

Covid numbers are all trending in the right direction: deaths, hospitalizations, new infections, why would the state want to keep the mandates in effect, especially in schools? Marchand thinks it’s just a power grab by the state: “The public comment section (on the mask issue) ends February 14 for all parts of this current determination that is illegal, unconstitutional, unlawful and VOIDED by a Supreme Court judge. That ruling still stands. No matter the noise that keeps telling you it’s a law, its noise, its wishful thinking.”

However, the forever maskers are attempting to backdoor this effort, thereby, circumventing the legislative process in order to make face-coverings permanent. Some legal experts claim that once a regulation has “permanent status,” it carries the full weight of law. That implies “emergency status” does not have the full weight of law behind it. Marchand predicts the DOH will succeed in its push for the mask mandate to achieve “permanent status.” Once that happens, Marchand says “face-coverings for the entire state will always be on the books in regulation form; covered entities, vaccine mandates, always on the books in regulation form; isolation, quarantining in detention camps, always on the books in regulation form.”

It is not known how many state legislators are aware of this effort by the DOH to make the mandates permanent, and if some are, whether they will move to stop it. Marchand says many state leaders may want to keep the mandates sitting in regulation form out of fear of political repercussions. After all, what politician wants his name attached to a bill that clearly suppresses individual liberty in such a manner?

What can concerned New Yorkers do to thwart the DOH’s efforts? Marchand says School Superintendents could band together and stop this; legal teams working together could do them same. Will they? Don’t hold your breath. This is how the Administrative State operates; it bypasses the people’s elected representatives in order to achieve a statist agenda.

It’s time for civil disobedience. The U.S. Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to a redress of our grievances. Make no mistake, the mask mandate and all the other unconstitutional moves by progressives at all levels of government will end when we end them.

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