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The People Driving Today’s Cultural Slide - by Ted Flint

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

As usual, Tucker Carlson’s observations on our politics and culture are spot on. Carlson has accurately described the people driving our extreme leftward tilt of late. Some have tagged them the “cultural elite.” There is really nothing elite about them, other than they THINK they are smarter than we are and are better suited to know what’s best for each of us and for the planet.

The one Carlson description that stands out to me is “childless.” Most of the people who seek to separate us from our money and our happiness, have no children. And in many cases, that’s by choice. Most of these joyless individuals believe Earth is over-populated, and many are simpatico with Kamala Harris who recently implied that we need to reduce the number of people currently inhabiting our world. Our illustrious Vice President didn’t say how that would happen, but you get her point.

As Carlson notes, most leftists sit in cubicles, wiling away their time in front of computer screens planning our demise. They seek to ban guns, horseracing, natural gas-burning stoves, school mascots, combustible engines, even plastic bags. Most of these hapless souls are cut-off from nature, live in high-rise apartments in large metropolitan cities and have their food delivered to them, in many cases, by immigrants. They hate God and capitalism and love government and communism. Many (more than you know) sit on local school boards or on legislative bodies that are tasked with passing laws that govern out counties, states, and nation.

They spend their days thinking of ways to make our lives miserable because they are miserable. The world for which they long does not exist on this side of heaven. It is utopia. They believe in Man’s utter perfectibility, and they seek to use the power of government to achieve that end.

These are the people still masking up long after Covid has been deemed a threat. Although, there are reports that say another variant is out there from which we may have to be “protected”: more lockdowns, vaccine mandates, etc. You see these Covid Nazis riding bikes, walking their dogs, driving alone in their Subarus, with their face-coverings. They are governed by fear: fear of pain, fear of illness, fear of a changing climate, fear of death. They fear everything but God. But that’s a topic for another column. They despise freedom because they are not free. How can a people governed by fear be free? They can’t be. They are in prison, and they envision that same imprisonment for us all.

Many of these folks have Ivy League educations, so they are not unintelligent, it’s just that everything they know is wrong. They have no appreciable skills, nothing that would better serve society such as providing a product that would enrich the lives of Americans. No, their mission is to make sure that we all live the same cloistered, miserable, meaningless lives as they do.

America is under attack from within. The revolution we’re experiencing is dissimilar to the political revolution of 1776. As historian Victor Davis Hanson recently noted, it more closely mirrors the French Revolution of 1789 and the Cultural Revolution of Communist China under Mao in the 1960’s. History shows that eventually, if citizens refuse to go along with the program, they are eliminated. Granted, America is not France or China. We have a Second Amendment that guarantees us freedom of speech and all the other liberties granted by God.

The good news is that many Americans are beginning to awaken from their slumber and realize what has been happening these last several years. The tide began to turn briefly with the election of Donald Trump, but as we are witnessing, the enemy is more enraged and determined than ever. Time to strap in and get prepared, for the next year and a half should be interesting indeed.

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