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'The PAC Perspective'

The “Sweet Science” of Language

Ted Flint- 10-14-21


Now that Tyson Fury has dispensed of Deontay Wilder(again) and has successfully defended his undisputed heavyweight crown, one phrase that has disappeared almost entirely from boxing’s lexicon is “the Great White Hope. “That sobriquet has been given to every Caucasian fighter since the great Jack Johnson, a black man, ruled the heavyweight division over 100 years ago.


Before Johnson rose through ranks, the heavyweight champion was always white. That a black could challenge a white in the squared circle, let alone defeat him, was simply unthinkable. James Jeffries, the former champ, retired rather than face Johnson in the ring. After Father Time caught up...[FULL STORY]

Author: Ted Flint

Host of The PAC-man Show

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