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On Firearms and July 4th—The PAC-Perspective

by Ted Flint

This is a tough time of year for America haters, which is most liberals. As the country prepares to celebrate its war for independence and the liberties fought for and won by our Founders, it is worth noting that the fireworks displays most of us enjoy symbolize the victorious battles fought by men with cannons, muskets and rifles. It is gunpowder that enables guns to fire and causes bombs to burst in air. It is impossible to separate firearms from our founding. As Frank Miniter, Editor-in-Chief of America’s First Freedom, recently put it: “Independence Day is forever linked with firearms, as it was won, and has since been kept, by armed, freedom-loving people.”

Maybe that’s why the Left so despises firearms. They are a symbol of our freedom, a check on government tyranny and a subtle reminder to those who would try to limit that freedom. Remember that, when you look to the heavens this July 4th and watch those beautiful colors lighting up the night sky. We are an armed populace celebrating our liberty.

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