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The Road to Hell - by Ted Flint 8/4/22

Everyone is familiar with the adage: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Is it a stretch to think that most of the problems facing America today can be attributed to people wanting to do what they think is the right thing only to find out that the reality is something vastly different? For example, a healthy portion of the American electorate voted for politicians who defunded police departments in some of our major cities. The results were predictable. Violent crime skyrocketed; murders, robberies and felony assaults are up in NY City. Chicago has seen its highest crime surge in four decades, while arrests are at their lowest number in twenty years. Moronic, do-gooding liberals are either unable or unwilling to see a correlation.

Then there are those who, in their quest to help the downtrodden, want to provide illegal aliens with free housing, food, education and healthcare. Net result: more Americans become “downtrodden.” However well-intentioned, these policies endanger American citizens.

Throughout history, evil men were able to implement genocides because well-meaning people didn’t understand the consequences of their actions. By many estimates, over 100 million people were murdered in the Twentieth Century by despotic governments, most of them communist. The Soviets eliminated as many as 40 million, Red China upwards of 60 million of their own countrymen, Pol Pot murdered one third of the Cambodian population. As Dennis Prager recently pointed out “The roads to all these hells were paved by people who had, or believed they had, good intentions.” If not for these nice, well-intentioned people, the truly evil men would not have succeeded in their barbarism.

Those who claim to seek the elimination of hate speech are the biggest threat to our First Amendment. However well-intentioned they claim to be, they constitute a serious threat to free speech. Most people who support bad causes and even those who commit illegal acts believe in their hearts they are contributing to the greater good.

Again, Dennis Prager: “good intentions and being a nice person often leads to evil.” Let’s look at our political leaders. Most of these men and women are not evil, they just lack wisdom. The Bible says those who lack wisdom are fools. What we need more of in American society is goodness and the best way to achieve that is to study wisdom. One must study wisdom in order to know how to do good. Another observation from Prager: “if you are taught wisdom, you will become wise, if you aren’t you’ll be a fool.”

Let’s look at an incubator of modern wokism: America’s public education system. Thousands of well-meaning teachers and administrators believe inculcating young minds with highly sexualized material, thus robbing them of their innocence, is the best way to prepare them for young adulthood.

There was a time not long ago when American students were introduced to the greatest sources of wisdom: the ancient Greek and Roman writers, Shakespeare and the Bible. Now, government schools are focused on indoctrinating our children with “wokism,” transgenderism, the LGBT agenda and every other form of perversion and deviancy imaginable under the banner of progressive education. As we’re seeing in Albany and in Washington D.C., foolish people, however well-meaning, can do a lot of harm.

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